SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy (SJLA)

“SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy” (SJLA) founded in the year 2016 initially in Japan by its founder and Principal Trainer Ms. Sonal Shah as a Japanese Support Specialist with +18 years of vast work experience in Japan. After having lived in the heart of Tokyo for over 30 years, Ms. Sonal Shah has decided to bring her Japanese teaching expertise to India and APAC region to prepare local students for global opportunities and expanded its branches with “SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy” (SJLA) for global potential students.

“SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy” (SJLA) is the Japanese language training academy with an exceptional and an innovative clarity along with few distinguished features such as an excellent virtual and hybrid online live classroom and webinars which includes high tech 4K quality video calling (VC) systems with HD video and audio one-click content sharing, accessibility for all learners, real-time co-annotation/learning, and digital whiteboard which offer the feel of face to face learning session and live and post class session recording/ transcription to allow students to learn at their own pace and which will be ensured that everyone can participate fairly throughout the session, primarily to learn an exceptional Japanese education without crossing an actual geographical boundaries.


“SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy” (SJLA) has a vision to help all those potential students/aspirants to learn the Japanese language, who wish to pursue their higher education by enrolling themselves into the Japanese Universities or to get an internship or hired by Indo-Japan collaborated Multi National Companies (MNC’s) or to work/business as a Japanese an interpreter and translator in the India or worldwide.


Our Mission is to train 1000+ candidates worldwide by the year 2025 and to be known as the reputed and most preferred Japanese learning institute throughout the world and to become an Individual’s Japanese language/cultural awareness and support specialist throughout their mission until they achieve their desired career goal and settle themselves in the Japan.


Our Objective is to add foreign language to an Individual’s basic skill set, which will enhance the graph of their career, which results improvement in the standard of living standard also to spread an education within the comfort zone of an Individual without any hassle of Transportation/commutation.

About Ms. Sonal Shah (Founder & Principal Trainer)

Ms. Sonal Shah is one of the best coaches available for e-learning of the Japanese language especially in the India and Worldwide. Ms. Sonal Shah is a Certified Japanese Language trainer, Translator and an Interpreter from the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute with the Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT N2 Certificate from the 日本語能力試験, Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) (JLPT), at Japan.

What makes her unique and preferential coach is that she possess positive, empathetic and professional attitude towards her trainees and she has an excellent grip on the Japanese language with proactive coaching techniques along with her extensive corporate experience in various Japanese MNC’S as a trainer, translator, and an interpreter while she lived in the Japan.

Ms. Sonal Shah has a great personality, enthusiastic nature and a quick learning attitude since the beginning, that helped her while learning the Japanese language in Japan. Ms. Sonal Shah has worked with the various Japanese Multi-National Companies (MNC’s) for more than 18+ years which comprise of Gems and Jewellery and Information Technology (IT) Industries and +6 years of teaching experience in Japan. “She has worked as an in-house Japanese trainer/ speaker at welknown MNC like LIFESIZE in IT web solution company. Ms. Sonal Shah has always demonstrated proficiency while working with Japanese customers by fluent Japanese speaking, composing and reading emails in the professional Japanese language throughout her career. She even helped many businesses and entrepreneurs globally by becoming a mediator for potential business associations with the Japanese MNC’s.

She has been honoured with a graduation degree in the field of Commerce from Shivaji University in industrial management and eventually she pursued further education and became a computer programmer coupled with a CRM software training course at LIFESIZE. At work front, initially she started her career as “Customer Support Representative” then she moved ladders up by becoming a Manager in Inside Sales, Client Relationship, and Business Development. She recently shifted her base from the Japan to Mumbai, India and after such an extensive experience in the Japan, she felt a need to share her knowledge with the potential aspirants around the world by coaching them the Japanese language to become part of the Japan.

About Parini Shah (Co-Founder)

Meet Parini Shah, the co-founder and driving force behind SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy. With a keen passion for innovation and technology, coupled with a spirited entrepreneurial vision, Parini identified a growing gap in the market and recognized the deficiency in Japanese language teaching resources. This insight fueled the launch of SonaJapan, a virtual learning platform designed to bridge these gaps and an homage to her upbringing in Tokyo.

By profession, Parini is a lawyer, bringing legal acumen to the forefront of the academy’s operations. Juggling the roles of a legal professional by day and a dynamic entrepreneur by night, Parini oversees the strategic aspects, operations, and legal affairs of the academy.

Parini’s academic journey includes graduating with a B.S.B.A. from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business and earning an LLB from Government Law College. With a commitment to innovation and a profound understanding of both legal intricacies and entrepreneurial dynamics, Parini is steering SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy towards continued success in the world of virtual language education.

When she isn’t peering over fine print, Parini loves to try new ramen places, travel around the world or lose herself in fiction novels!