Corporate Training

“Corporate Trainings / Seminars” for “Conversational Japanese” & “Business Japanese”

At “SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy” (SJLA), we understand that it’s essential to learn Conversational Japanese to broaden the area of communication for the aspirants to enjoy their life independently at Japan. We help aspirants to learn conversational Japanese with the help of our “Conversational Japanese Course” which has various situations they will encounter in their daily life in Japan with many numerous examples of conversations they can use practically which help them to gain confidence and perform better.

Along with Conversational Japanese, we even offer “Business Japanese Course” for those aspirants who wish to work/working in Multi National Companies (MNC’s) at Japan. This course will help them to explore more and more opportunities as Business Japanese is different from conversational and basic Japanese. In Business Japanese you will learn how to utilize polite speech i.e. Keigo in Business conversation with Japanese people. Once you know proper way of Business Communication at Japan you can express yourself in better way that will broaden your prospects in Japan.

Currently we are organizing various “Corporate Trainings/Seminars” for Corporate Bodies, Corporate Trainees, Multi National Companies (MNC’s) and universities globally. Our Corporate Training program especially tailored as per our clients as well as participant’s needs and requirements which make us preferential and unique among the prospects.