“Thank you for your exceptional teaching! Your dedication and passion make learning enjoyable and inspiring.”



“I am thankful to all the SJLA teachers for your exceptional teaching. The method and teaching style is incredible. Thank you for all sensei for your support and dedication.🙏🏻”



“I want to express my gratitude to Sonal Sensei and her staff at SJLA Japanese classes. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulously designed course curriculum and effective pedagogy. Sonal Sensei’s leadership and the dedication of the staff contribute significantly to creating a supportive and enriching learning atmosphere. I highly recommend SJLA for anyone seeking top-notch Japanese language education.”


“She in able to make online lessons as rewarding as face to face lessons or even more. Living in Japan for 30 years certainly proves her proficiency on Japanese and it shows during the lessons.”

Tanay Thakkar

Student of Cathedral, School of South Mumbai


“Just awesome and I am
Very happy that I joined the class . Very experienced teachers who took great efforts to make sure that every student gets the attention and opportunity he needs. Very nominal fees without compromising quality. A big applause to Sonal san and other Senseis. Thank you so much.”

Mahesh Mohan


“Thank you to the teachers of SJLA for your excellent explanation on the subject by just being very structured, clear, organized, and helpful. Appreciate your efforts for taking the time to grade the assignments, provide personalized feedback and your tips and tricks for studying! “


Neha Gattani

“One of the best institution for learning Japanese. Where learning one of the most difficult language is made easier by giving thorough insight to each and every section by Sonal sensei and all
the other Sensei.”

Neha Gattani


“Excellent class. Teaching was so good and concepts are clear. All the teachers studying pattern is also very nice.
Thank you for making me realise that I can learn japanese so well.
In my opinion its best japanese learning place.”

Nikita Gupta

preethi shiyona

“My experience with SJLA has been tremendous. I can feel the energetic approach of all the teachers who put all their efforts to make our journey smooth and learning becomes meaningful. I would recommend every person to join SJLA if they really want to gain something 👍”

Mehak Adnan

preethi shiyona

“I thank the whole team of SJLA from the deepest bottom of my heart for the wonderful way of teaching. I couldn’t understand a single word when I came to Japan. But, thanks to all the sensei for making me understand Japanese. Their method of teaching is very much commendable. どうもありがとうございます。”

Deepti PS

Nilam patel

“Absolutely amazing teaching, amazing strong whole structure for students understanding n everything is just perfectly done by all teachers… each n every small small thing explain very nicely anytime if we have doubts then all teachers are always ready to solve it. very happy n grateful to all the teachers thank you so much my all the teachers. Highly recommend this academy.”

Nilam patel

preethi shiyona

“It was a very great experience of learning new language in SJLA.I am thankful to all sensei who just give their heart out to teach at its best.There were many low times where I think to give up learning but the boost up and motivation in every session by the sensei helps me reach at this point.Highly recommended to learn in sjla.🌸.”

Mitee Shah

“First of all, I want to thank each and every teacher of SJLA for their effortless teaching and dedication throughout this learning journey. I really appreciate and thank the dedication and passion of every teacher in clearing our doubts or helping us as and when needed . I was very scared initially to take up this course but I feel I made a right decision in choosing SJLA!!!! Thank you each and every sensei for being a part of my wonderful SJLA journey!!!”

Sirsha Mukharjee

preethi shiyona

“My gratitude to you for all sensei have done, which I will never forget. I truly appreciate you and your time you spent helping me in many occasions. Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed every minute of your lecture as well as your marvelous sense of humor.
I am so thankful for your support.I couldn’t have done it without you.I am very appreciative of your help.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
“East or west SJLA is the best”👍
Thank you 😊”

Surbhi Rajput

preethi shiyona

“I want to thank all the faculty of SJLA for their dedication towards each and every students in helping learning new language. What I love most about SJLA that they focus on basics very well which is very important to learn any language. I want to mention special thanks to Sonal ma’am for always understanding me and helping in all circumstances. I recommend SJLA to every one who not just want to learn but also want to practice Japanese so that you can use freely in real world without any hesitation.

Kavya Saravagi

“SJLA🙏 The bottom of my heart I would like to thanks Sonal Sensei 🌸Preeti Sensei🌸Ginni Sensei 🌸& Kritika Sensei 🌸。
👉 All your passion illuminates every lesson.
👉 Thanks for making learning enjoyable.
👉 Grateful for your inspiring dedication.
👉 Your enthusiasm sparks a love for learning.
👉 The energy you bring to class is contagious.
Here’s to the continued dedication that makes education special.With regards”



“I am highly thankful to entire SJLA management & teachers for providing such a great learning platform to person who are new to Japanese language . I was very afraid earlier that learning Japanese will be very difficult & time consuming but the SJLA teachers made this difficult task easy & enjoyable which needs a huge appreciation. The way they are teaching the way each & every single topic they are explaining with example from daily routine task can make anyone understand it on the go .. thank you all being so nice to us.”

Babita Verma

“👍 SJLA 👍
So useful
So motivating
So dedicated
JUST Teaching Like a WOW 💡
Just teaching like a wow wow wow
Preeti Sensei 🫰
Ginni sensei 🫰
Kritika sensei 🫰
Sonal sensei 🫰👑🫰
Above all 💐SJLA 💐
Just wow wow wow👑”


“I joined half- way through the course, but caught up from watching videos of the missed sessions, all 47 of them!!. The course structure is good with explanation of the Kanjis by Sonal Sensei, and intro to the grammar patterns then practicing the grammar with the other teachers. The last month of revision and practice sessions are intense but very useful, with surprise mini tests. I am impressed by the level of knowledge and Japanese teaching by the teachers, most of them have never been to Japan. Which is not only inspiring but also motivates those of us living in Japan to do our very best. The teachers are always available, kind and helpful. どうもありがとうございます SJLA.”


Umme Habiba Mim

“I’m from N3-17 batch. I would like to thank all of our SJLA teachers for such supportive work throughout the N3 course. I’m glad that I found such Japanese language course which doesn’t overlap with my working hours. Also there was 6 sessions a week which kept me motivated to continuously improve my Japanese level. Even on busy days only by attending the study session made me feel accomplished. Everyone in the study group was friendly and helpful. I’m thankful to all of our Sensei for appreciating on our success and even during mistakes. The way of explaining within the limited time is appreciable. Lastly I pray that we may succeed in the upcoming N3 exam and make everyone’s efforts fruitful. Thank you.”

Umme Habiba Mim

preethi shiyona

“I highly recommend this academy.. The teachers are very knowledgeable, kind and they put lot of efforts in making the patterns, grammar and kanji understandable to each and every student by explaining it with examples.. A special mention to the founder SONAL SENSEI, she is an expert and always encourages and motivates the student in such a way that Japanese becomes a part of your life. The way they teach in this academy is so easy that one can read, write and talk in japanese within a short period of time.. Those who looking to learn Japanese, i can assure u that this is “THE BEST” place to learn and improve your Japanese language skill.. I feel happy and grateful to say that i am a SJLA student…”

Preethi Shiyona


“I am thankfull to all the SJLA teachers who teaches us so beautifully and passionaltely.
The methods and teaching style all are incredible. Its a great journey with all the sensei’s.
Thank you for all your support and help😊”

Nikita Gupta

“Thanks to SJLA teachers for all the support and guidance. It’s been a great journey of learning N4 . Can’t imagine this could have been possible without you all. Hoping to achieve further milestones like this only. Thanks and regards 🙏”

Neha Mishra

“All SJLA Teachers are really supportive . You are always supporting us even after class . Teachers way of teaching is very well and 100 plus class is really a boost . We reached till now at this stage because of your continuous support.”

Mini Gupta


“I am very happy to join sjla… because all the teachers are very supportive,they constantly answered my questions during and after the sessions ,sply Ginni sensei and Preethi sensei 🙂”

Sarvani Nuti

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts. Truly professionals and dedicated teachers. Always ready to solve queries at any point of time making my N4 journey smooth in all possible ways . SJLA rocks!!🥰”



“I wholeheartedly thank you SJLA to give proper guidance and support to improve my Japanese language.It will help me to improve my language skills.Thank you to all the Sensei 🙏😊”


“Thank you to each and every Teachers of SJLA, for work so hard every single day for all of students. Amazing dedication from SJLA acadamy. Wonderfull experience with all Teachers. SJLA established a positive classroom atmosphere. Your use of multimedia resources effectively enhances lessons.I’ve noticed that students enjoys SJLA classes.Thank you to SJLA and also for all students for supporting and understanding in class..”

Aneri shah

“While working, I got an opportunity in Indo-Japanese firm. Initially I felt it’s difficult to shift and work in the Japan as knowing Japanese was basic necessity. Ms. Sonal guided me to know Japanese work culture, ethics, rules and regulations along with Japanese language education. She becomes my support throughout my shifting to Japan. I am delightful that I met her and my world changed to better. “

Ms. Prmodini Das

Software Developer at ThoughtSphere Technology

“Thankyou to all the teachers who dedicate their time and energy towards us everyday. All the resources provided, the activities and all the examples given in class helped us understand the concepts and have a tight grasp over them. Though i missed many classes over the course and did not really speak, the sessions and the recordings were extremely helpfull. Thankyou for guiding this journey. I have done N5 from a different institution, so the facilities and opportunities at SJLA have really increased the standards.”


“It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to start the journey of Japanese language with SJLA. The teachers are very professional and knowledgeable and the course structure and practice sessions are amazing. I have studied N5/N4 and learnt a lot during this phase. Thank you SJLA.”


“Thankful to all the SJLA teachers for putting so much effort and time in teaching students the best way they can. the experience of learning here was inestimable! Very systematic teaching with deep knowledge. 🙏🏼 i have been a student of sjla since N5, N4 and now N3 and i will stick to sjla untill N1💫❤️”

Tanmaya jadava


“I am thankful to all SJLA teachers for help and guidance. I passed N4 at the age of 7 year because of continuous support from SJLA Teachers. N3 is little tough for me at such age but teachers support us and guide us to push myself. I will try my best teachers. Thanks a lot for always encouraging me .”

Mayra Gupta

“First of all thanking you all teachers and colleagues making wonderful environments of class.I am very happy to join the SJLA. I have completed N5 to N4 . It was very awesome and learned a lots during the practice. Thanking
again SJLA.”

Mahendra Kumar


“I am very happy to join sjla… for me its very difficult to start to learn Japanese language but because of all the teachers support to clear my doubts sometimes motivet me also for this so today I am here. I am Very great full to all the teachers support.thank you for everything.”


“First of all thanks to all the teachers of SJLA for working so hard to make us understand the most difficult language in such an easy way. It was great experience in learning Japanese with all the teachers. Looking forward to continue my journey
with SJLA.”

Palak lahoti

“I would like to thank 🙏 all the teachers in SJLA for your guidance and motivation throughout my japanese learning journey and you are all making this journey as easy with all your incredible knowledge.”


“Dear Sensei’s of SJLA, your dedication to your students is truly admirable, and we are grateful for all the extra time and effort you put in to help us succeed. I wish to continue further Japanese studies at SJLA 👍”

Deivangana selvan

“Thank you SJLA team for all encouragement and support during our Japanese learning journey. Really grateful to all the Senseis who put in so much time and dedication to teach us.”


“こんにちは 皆さん
I would like to thank SJLA Team for providing such a great and easy learning platform to japaneses learners. It was wonderful journey from N5 to till now. I really appreciate SJLA team for their hard work and commitment. Thank you to all teachers for your support, help and motivation always. Definitely I will recommend to my friends who seriously want to learn the Japanese.”

Swara S Bhuti

“If you are looking for a pro japanese teaching academy then SJLA is the one. I have studied N5, N4 and N3, the journey has been nothing but the best. I am glad I came across SJLA. Thank you to all the teachers for supporting. Despite, I am a working mother, I could clear the exams only because of to the point teaching methods here. Hopefully, would love to continue for N2 as well.”


“I would like to thank entire SJLA management for providing such a nice platform to learn Japanese . Being a student I was worried how I will manage to find time to learn & revise each lesson of N4 but teachers were explaining each & everything so easily so that students can grap it on the class itself . I am again thankful for SJLA for making this leaning journey very enjoyable & successful”

Pranjal verma

“As an Artificial Intelligence (AI) learner, I was interested to shift to Japan after the studies. Initially I struggled to learn Japanese through various textbooks, YouTube and friends. Even failed in attempt for Japanese Learning Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5. Later our relative suggested enrolling in the SonaJapan Language Academy, I quickly enrolled myself and it was a wise decision that helped me to pursue my dream. Currently I am living in Japan and passed JLPT N2 exam successfully.”

Mr. Pranit Rao

Tokyo University of Technology, Japan

“Being a medical student, I had a mission to pursue my masters in Japan as Japanese Learning Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 is compulsory for admission, so as recommended by my seniors, I took admission at the SonaJapan Language Academy, as they make it easy to learn difficult Kanji’s by their friendly and unique way of education. Ms. Sonal still guides us whenever require that’s differentiates her from others.”

Ms. Sunita Karmarkar

Keio University, Japan

“I belong to the remote region in Kerala, India and wished to enroll myself in nursing institute at Japan, but learning Japanese was mandatory there and I didn’t find any help nearby, so I got enrolled myself in the Sonajapan Japanese language academy online and then it was smooth journey ahead. All lectures were on time and I could ask doubts during live sessions, even received post session recording facility from them for revision, which proved helpful for preparation. I strongly recommend them for best Japanese learning experience.”

Ms. Geeta Swami

Chiba University, Tokyo


“Though learning at SJLA was my first online learning experience, I had gained lots of positive confidence to study further. The study materials provided by SJLA is the BEST & Upto the point. Special Thanks to all the Teachers for helping Us throughout the course, with lots of opportunities to ask questions and learn thru real life examples.”


“I am a freelancer, who works as an interpreter and translator globally. I learnt Japanese as my hobby and now it’s become my profession since I found tremendous scope here due to lack of an efficient and professional Japanese interpreters and translators. Ms. Sonal guided me very well when I decided to opt as an interpreter and translator even she always supported me to excel professionally.”

Mr. Arun Suri

“Sonal-San is a fantastic sensei who taught us the basics and fundamental of the Nihon language in an interesting methods. She has rich knowledge and experience about the Japanese culture and who lived in Tokyo for sa many years. Wishing Sonal Maam all the best.”

Gowtham KK

IT Manager At PBEL At Hyderabad

“Thank you for the SJLA Japanese language journey, My Heartfelt thanks to Sonal Sensei, Ikenaga Sensei, Oviya Sensei, Krithika Sensei and Hepsibha sensei.”

Kiran vaka

“Arigato Gozaimas to all the sensei’s for making Japanese N3 easy to learn. Your dedication, hardwork and guidance is invaluable.”

Harshitha bollineni

“Thank you SJLA for providing this wonderful opportunity to learn Japanese in an interesting way. Thanks to all the Sensei who put all their efforts to teach us.🙏🏻”

Jayashakti jayavel

“Thank You SJLA teachers for your support and encouragement to learn Japanese language and providing amazing studying environment through online also. Hope to be connected further with SJLA 😊”


“Thank you for SJLA team👍Japanese language journey Sonal先生 ikenaga 先生 hepshiba先生 oviya先生 krithika先生 such a greatfull inspiration and motivation thank you for all..”

Sai Janhavi

“Grateful for an incredible Japanese language journey at SJLA🫶🏻. Heartfelt thanks to Sonal Sensei, Ikenaga Sensei, Oviya Sensei, Krithika Sensei and Hepsibha Sensei for their guidance and inspiration.”


“Thanks to all Sensei for guidance and dedication to support me, special thanks to resolve all my queries in passionate way. That helps me to learn the new language so easily and comfortably.”

Rudransh Chaudhary


“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to SJLA for dedicated guidance in learning Japanese. Your passion for teaching and patience have made the journey enjoyable and enriching. ありがとうございます for being an inspiring sensei..😊”

Swati kumari

“Thank you SJLA for making journey of learning Japanese interesting. A place where I found proper guidance and constant push to improve more and more. A big thank you to all the teachers for your support always!!!”

Pooja Verma

“I have enrolled with SJLA for N4 classes now since July,2023.In almost 3 months, the portion was almost done.The classes are excellent. The teachers give enough writing,reading and listening practice for JLPT exam due in December 2023.They have taken 4 unit tests and 1 final exam which helps us to prepare for jlpt.The teachers are very encouraging,knowledgeable and dedicated.The recorded video sessions given after each lecture helped me a lot since in the latter half of the course i couldnt sit for the live lectures due to personal reasons.I remember Sonal Sensei calling me to enquire whether everything was fine.This is the level of dedication of the teachers ❤️.Enrolling myself in SJLA was the best decision I made which has helped me to learn Japanese language in great depth in an interesting way😊.I thank Sonal Sensei,Preeti Sensei,Ginni Sensei and Kritika Sensei from the bottom of my heart 💕.I specially thank Ginni Sensei who has always patiently solved my doubts 🙏❤️.I also thank Preeti Sensei for giving us a schedule to study for N4 so that we can cover the whole syllabus prior to Sjla final exam 🙏❤️.”

Anita Pai


“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional guidance and support throughout my Japanese language learning journey. I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture and language, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have learned from you. From the very beginning, you created a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere in your classroom, fostering a sense of community and enthusiasm among the students. Your passion for the Japanese language was contagious, and your lessons were always engaging and informative. You presented the material in a clear and organized manner, making it easy to grasp even the most complex concepts. I particularly appreciate your patience and dedication to each student’s individual needs. You always took the time to answer our questions thoroughly and provide personalized feedback. Your encouragement and belief in our abilities were instrumental in our progress. Your dedication to your students is truly inspiring. I will always cherish the memories of your classes and the profound impact you have had on my learning journey. Thank you again for everything, Sensei.”

Shah Moxa

“When I first landed in Japan in 2019, one thing that I realised was that why Japanese is the second most difficult language in the world. The reason being three different scripts for three different purposes. Above all of it, the permutations and combinations of kunyomi and onyomi forms of kanji makes it a deterrent for those who even attempt for it. When I arrived in Japan third time this year, it is for a longer period, I was apprehensive about how will I survive for the basic necessities which requires at least a crude conversation. Given the very fact that only 2 (or even less) out of 100 Nihonjins understand Eigo, and with my apprehension, I joined SJLA to test the waters I am into…. Gradually the journey began…. Hiragana, Katakana and grammar and then came the mighty Kanji…!!! But to my surprise, the acumen and pedagogy of Senseis at SJLA did the magic. Yes! Wakarimasendeshita started becoming Wakarimashita. The very feeling of ‘Yes, it can be learnt’ brought confidence, thanks to all the Senseis at SJLA who made that possible. I am immensely grateful to all the teachers who really put their hard efforts (in fact, harder than the students) to bring us to a level in Nihongo…. And the learning journey continues…..”



“Thanks to SJLA and mainly to the all Sensei for your excellent and professional work done with my JLPT N4 Journey . Last Year I passed N5 through Self-Study but I have seen lot of improvement in kanjis and speaking Japanese after Joining SJLA for my JLPT N4 Journey. Would definitely continue my journey with SJLA for further levels. Never felt like a classroom course burden upon me rather it was feeling that one family studying together. I have learned a lot of important tips that surely it will help me from now to date such in my personal and professional life in Japan. Absolutely fully recommended for everyone interested to improve their Japanese communication skills and targeting JLPT.
This is a high level course, perfectly developed, structured and elaborated, direct and clear to understand.
I’m deeply pleased and happy with my new learning journey.”

Apoorv Nigam

“I had the great opportunity to attend SJLA for learning Japanese Language. I could attend classes only for 2 months but during this time, I gained a solid foundation in both Hiragana and Katakana, along with an introduction to basic Japanese language concepts. One of the most remarkable aspects of my learning experience was the quality of instruction. The sensei at SJLA were not only knowledgeable but also exceptionally skilled in teaching. They created an engaging and supportive environment, which greatly facilitated my learning. Although I had to pause my studies due to a job change, my brief tenure at SJLA was incredibly rewarding. The academy’s curriculum and teaching methods are well-designed for beginners, making complex aspects of the Japanese language more accessible. I sincerely appreciate the effort and dedication of all my sensei at SJLA. Their guidance has sparked a lasting interest in the Japanese language and culture in me. I am looking forward to returning to SJLA Academy soon. 🙏❤️ “

Shubham Raj

“As I reflect on nearly one year journey with SJLA, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in being associated with such a talented and dedicated group of teachers. Sonal Sensei, your unparalleled expertise in Kanji and grammar has been an invaluable asset to my understanding of the language. Preeti Sensei, your occasional strictness was always accompanied by a clear purpose, pushing us to strive for excellence. Ginni Sensei, your patience with our seemingly trivial doubts has been truly admirable. Your willingness to take the time to clarify even the smallest queries has made our learning environment comfortable and conducive to growth. Oviya Sensei, your support during chapter revisions has been indispensable. Sonia Sensei, your promptness in checking our homeworks did not go unnoticed. Your commitment to timely feedback has played a crucial role in keeping us on track and motivated. Thank you once again for unwavering support. 🙏🙏🙏”

Subhash Singh

“Sending picture as well in case needed…really appreciate the SJLA efforts. All the teachers are very kind and helpful. SJLA Course is very well organized and I am sure all the students will pass N5 with flying colors. Thank you so much once again to all the teachers (Sonal Sensei, Preeti Sensei, Sonia Sensei, Ginni Sensei).”


“Thank you SJLA team. Sonal先生, Kritika先生,Ikenaga先生,Oviya先生,Hepsibha先生, your dedication to your students is truly admirable and I am grateful to all the teachers for all the time and efforts you put in to help us. It became interesting specially because of “learning from different teachers on different days.”

Poonam khankari

“I am thankfull to all the – Sona Japan Language Academy – teachers who teaches us so beautifully and passionaltely.
The methods and teaching style all are good.💥 Its a great journey with all the sensei’s. Thank you for all your support and help. I will do my best in exam. 💯😃”

Kshitiz Dhananjay

preethi shiyona

“This is Yashwant, currently working in Japan since 5 years, I understood how important to learn Japanese, in order to do so I was looking for proper training, I got to know about SJLA. In my opinion it is best institute, the dedication and efforts towards teaching Japaneseof all staff including Sonal sensei is remarkable. The System, Schedule, Syllabus are main keys I thought. Just keep going SJLA.”


“I wish to express my profound gratitude to the sensei’s at SJLA for their unwavering commitment during the N4 course. Their relentless dedication and avant-garde pedagogical approaches have not only facilitated the acquisition of Japanese but also infused an element of enjoyment into the learning process. Their exceptional commitment to rendering Japanese language accessible is truly praiseworthy, and I am appreciative of the invaluable skills and knowledge they have bestowed upon me. I extend my sincere thanks for their resolute support and fervor in the realm of learning.”

Taj kiran Rudani

“It was so nice to have an opportunity to start the N4 course of learning Japanese with SJLA. The teachers are very professional and knowledgeable and the course structure and practice sessions are amazing. I recently had many doubts but the teachers helped me have a clearity on those mistakes and helped me go ahead with N3.Thank you SJLA. See you again!”

Sreeman Sreekar Padala

“My time at SJLA has been awesome! Learning Japanese is no joke, especially given its reputation as one of the toughest languages in the world. But thanks to the amazing team of teachers, it turned out to be a lot of fun. Sonal Ma’am kicks off the week with new topics, and then Preeti Ma’am, Sonia Ma’am, and Ginni Ma’am take it from there, making it feel like our very own Indian Cricket Team from this world cup.
The practice sessions are great, and each teacher has their own cool style. SJLA bombarded us with study materials (in a good way!), though, I must admit, I sometimes felt a bit overwhelmed. Maybe short mock test once or twice a week would be great.
See you in the N4 batch if all goes well! Thanks a bunch!”

Saptarshi Das

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to ……,….. priti sensei,Sonia sensei,and Ginni sensei. You all are a great instructor, organized, responsive, patient and highly skilled teachers having enthusiastic in teaching and able to clearly explain any complex topics The course curriculam are very effective and appropriate,also the atmosphere of the class was very good, and I learned Japanese language under kind teaching by teachers. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to ….SONALSENSEI…. I would like to thank you for your care in looking at each student’s individually and your generosity. providing us the effective studies materials which helped me to prepared for JLPT N5 exam.also for conducting Mock test for each topic on regular basis is very helpful to memorize any topic .Apart from this my special thank to you all for your reviews after tests. Sincerely,I  would like to say “Thank you very much” to you all.”


“Thanks to all Sensei at SJLA to provide such a wonderful platform to learn a difficult language in such a easy way, special thanks to Sonal sensei to make learn the Kanji so easy by her unique way of relating with the stories, many thanks to Preeti Sensei, she not only teaches us the grammar and brush up the covered syllabus also teaches us to manage the time for the studies, with your effort only, I have managed to study and cleared the N5 with my busy schedule. Although I couldn’t attend all the session for N4 also but hope the recording will help me to learn all the concept for N4. Again thanks to all sensei of SJLA to provide the unique platform to learn a new language in such a easy way.”



Kanchan sharma

“Thank you all SJLA Sensei for your patience and dedication towards the course…It will definitely boost us”