Learning Japanese is not that difficult

Generally, it is a preconception that Japanese is a bit complicated language to learn, but it is not that complex as you think. Even though it looks different from the other European languages, you can understand the basics without knowing the entire Hiragana (used for Native Japanese words), Katakana (used for Foreign words), or Kanji (adopted Chinese characters). One can speak the language, at least at an elementary level, with the help of Rōmaji (Romanized Japanese). It was developed to explain the sound of Japanese in the Roman alphabet for those who have not yet mastered the three main scripts.

To read a newspaper, one has to be trained in at least 2,000 Chinese characters, mainly Kanji. Like any other language, it’s necessary to invest a lot of time, persistence, and effort. If you wish to learn, no matter what is your purpose – as long as you have the zeal to learn– you’re more likely to achieve your language goals.

Initially, it will look difficult and impossible to master the Japanese language, but actually, it’s different and you need to adapt to with the techniques. Once you pass through this primary obstacle, it is extremely easy. In the Japanese Language nouns have no gender, no articles, and no plural forms, but have only present, and past tenses along with five vowel sounds and constant phonetic spelling. The language is comparatively easy to speak like any other language. One needs to invest in lots of listening, reading, and of course, speaking skills if they are interested in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in India. You can pass JLPT level N2 within a year as it’s not that difficult. If you probably thought the difficulty level was the main reason not to learn, then you should not be worried about the same as with our experienced trainers from the Sonajapan Japanese Language academy it would be a delightful experience to learn Japanese. Equipped with the accurate language learning methods, materials, and motivation, you can master the Japanese language not in a decade as many imagine but in a matter of 1 year depending on your enthusiasm.